Plastic Handhole Z6-CM

Lightweight, cost-effective transport
and installation
Robust, high strength, impact
resistance and side-load stability
Exceptional resistance to weathering,
freeze / thaw cycles and chemicals
Adjustments to customer specification
Modular construction
Also over existing cable
Outside 1250 x 550 x 810 (L x W x D)
Inside 1000 x 300 x 710
(L x W x D)
Clear Opening 1000 x 300
Box Polyethylene 15 kg.
Ring Polyethylene 10 kg.
Cover Ductile cast iron 2 x17 kg.
Frame Galvanized steel 27 kg.
Place of installation:
Group 1 and 2 in accordance with
European Standard EN 124

Cover meets loading requirements EN
124 Class B125
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